Synchronizing Outlook Tasks to Android without Exchange Server

A client emailed me, asking the following question:

"I have decided to get a Samsung Galaxy S (Android) phone. I'm expecting delivery later this week. 

How do I synchronize Outlook without using Exchange Server? I don't have an Exchange Server account set up."


  • My response: 

    I just discovered CompanionLink, which will
    allow you to synchronize Outlook tasks and contacts to your Android phone
    without an Exchange Server account. 

    CompanionLink will not synchronize email. Your email provider should offer IMAP email and provide you with some kind of help/instructions on how to properly and wirelessly synchronize email to your new Android phone.

    We care particularly about Outlook tasks. It is often hard to find a phone app that syncs task properly, so CompanionLink is a great find. You'll need to visit their website and install CompanionLink on your desktop. You get a 2 week free
    trail, after which it will cost about $40. To set up your phone, search the app
    market for "DejaOffice." This will synchronize your contacts, tasks,
    and notes from Outlook. You will need to either manually sync your tasks each
    day during the daily review (via USB) or else set up the sync over your wireless network. You also have the option to pay $9.99 per month to get a wireless internet sync, but at that price you might as well get Exchange Server.

    Hope that helps!
  • Have you tried "touchdown"? I heard that synchs android with outlook tasks too. I just tried to install companionlink, but it doesn't work.
  • edited March 2011
    CompanionLink can work, as can TouchDown. I have used them both. TouchDown is for use with Exchange Server. CompanionLink is for use without Exchange Server and a PC. 

    However, as is always the case with Outlook synchronization, you have to be very careful with settings, compatibility, etc. If the program is not working for you, check the help documentation on that company's website. 
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