Which Android App is Recommended for Toodledo Users?

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Here is the official list of recommended task list and smartphone combinations, including the add-on apps for Android and iPhone:

We update this list regularly. Full instructions for setting up your TRO system with these tools are found in the TRO Online Training system.


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    Got-to-do works somewhat, but it has its struggles. A couple of those items, along with suggestions, are listed below for your convenience.

    Got-to-do crashes when it syncs with Toodledo:
    This issue tends to have 2 possible causes.
    Setup: Often times this is simply an issue with the configuration of Got-to-do. Make sure that your account settings are correct. Toodledo won't sent information for a user that doesn't exist.

    Installation: In rare cases, some installations/updates may not go smoothly. The best solution to this is simply to reinstall the application. You will then upload you task list from Toodledo. This should solve the problem.
    Got-to-do does not sort by tags:
    This issue has been discussed extensively with Got-to-do support. Got-to-do reports that Toodledo has a configuration discrepancy with tags, so Got-to-do has been unable to create a fix. Got-to-do reports that Toodledo is working this, but have not given time-line, as of yet, for when it will be fixed.

    For now, we recommend that tasks be sorted into folders instead. This does limit the task to essentially one tag, but still provides increased visibility.
  • I also recently found Ultimate To-Do List, an app for Android that also seems to sync with Toodledo. Here it is their comparison table:

    It seems to have some more features than Got To Do, but Got To Do is regarded as "the best" Android app for Toodledo users in many websites, at this moment.

    Does anyone know it, or has anyone here worked with it??

    Thank you in advance.
  • Ultimate To Do is the only TRO-approved app for Toodledo on the Android at the moment. Full instructions are now included in the TRO Online Training system.
  • Another Android app for Toodledo is "TodoToday for Toodledo"

  • I use "due today" https://market.android.com/details?id=com.lakeridge.DueToday

    I don't think it can do custom search views like ultimate to do (though you can do this with widgets), but it looks nicer and seem to be pretty quick.

    I have started, hotlist, tags, context views for it... thats all I really need since I don't do weekly or monthly reviews on the mobile.

  • Thanks for the tip :)
  • I recommend Ultimate Todo List. Great app. Yes, it'll cost you, but it's the best task manager app I've seen on the Android phone.
  • on talets I now use toodleTasks Tablet for Android. I love the 3 pane layout and it has suppor for repeat tasks

  • Gerard, thanks for pointing this one out. The 3 pane layout looks very helpful. We'll take a look at it for our GTD Software Comparison list.
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