How to do TRO (advanced GTD+Covey principles) with Toodledo

Email Question: One area my company is struggling with at the moment is task software. We decided to try the Toodledo task manager, as we wanted an online product and it was recommended on your site.

The biggest problem area is setting up folders and sharing them. To test this software, we set up an account with Toodledo and used the sharing feature. But we've been having a little trouble getting it to work. Maybe you can walk us through this, or maybe we're just using the wrong software?


  • A faster way to triage:

    Triage a large number of tasks all together by clicking "add task" and then clicking the blue link at the top of the green area, called "add multiple tasks." From there, triage up to 500 tasks at once by putting each task/project on its own line.

    After you triage a large batch of tasks, go to the "No Context" (IE: Unprocessed Tasks) view and scan through the list, looking for hot items. Fully process any hot tasks right now.

    Click here to see the add-multiple-tasks feature:

  • Here's a little tip that has worked well for me.  I use a dedicated browser for my web browsing (Firefox).  I use a different browser exclusively for Toodledo (Chrome--it is light on resources and has a
    clean, maximized appearance).  Using a different browser is a clean way to have my task list
    always in the same spot and with its own browser window (making it easy to
    Alt+tab, etc.).

  • Toodledo is now a full-fledged part of the TRO Online training system. Sign up and select it from the drop-down list of supported tools.
  • I signed up last week, so I had to pick "Outlook." Now when I change my tool to "Toodledo," I can't find any way to download the eBook I need. Help!
  • I signed up for training a couple of months ago. At that time, Toodledo was not an option for tools but was told that it would be soon and I could change tools then. However, it will not allow me to change in the system. It says I need to speak with a coach. Can someone implement this for me so that I can get the new ebook? Thanks.
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    Send a private email to the coaching email at the link below. Send me the email address you use to long into your TRO account as well as your name. I can use that information to figure out why you cannot change your tools. 
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