HOWTO: Submit New GTD Software Titles

Recommend new titles for Priacta's GTD Software Comparison Table.

1. (Best, Fastest) Fill out the attached spreadsheet as best you can. See the very bottom of this message for the latest version of this spreadsheet. Post it here or email to [email protected] We'll review it, validate it, fill in any gaps, and get it added ASAP. The more complete and accurate your submission, the faster your title will get added.

2. (Also Good) Suggest a new GTD software program via our Email Support page. Be sure to select the right option when submitting.

Criteria for Inclusion

Software for GTD and GTD-like systems will be posted in the main list if it meets these criteria:

Other titles may be posted in our Non-GTD-Compliant list on request (see the bottom of the software comparison page). We "watch" these titles and report on progress towards supporting GTD-like systems.

Either way, you get visibility on your software application. There is no charge for this service, of course.

Thanks in advance for contributing to the list.


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