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TROG Bar  Version 2010.03.04 AD
For Win XP+, Outlook 2003+

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Stop Stressing Over Email

Trog Bar with pop-out task manager

Email can overwhelm because it is both a communication channel and a source of tasks. You need to clear the channel quickly without losing sight of your work.

  • "Process" actionable email like a task. Trog shows your actionable email where it's easy and automatic to schedule and manage. Edit it, add next steps, take notes at will. Then hit Open and Reply to respond to the original message—your notes and changes are visible only to you.
  • Drag and drop for instant processing. "Triage" email to quickly clear your inbox and finish dealing with actionable email later, or drag and drop to Trog to fully "process" it right now.

Get Automatic Task Prioritization and More

Customize. Choose a time management system or color scheme, or create your own.

Instant Outlook. Instantly launch or switch to your full calendar, tasks, contacts, and email in Outlook; send and receive from Trog, so Trog can manage and prioritize new emails automatically.

Appointments. See your appointments and "strategic calendar" (general life areas) in one list. Hover to pop out the daily calendar and schedule tasks via drag and drop. Right click to show tasks or agenda for any time or appointment.

Navigate. Effortlessly change lists: Back, Forward, Now (TaskSense), Prev Appointment, Next Appointment, and Auto Grouping.

Select fast. Predefined task lists give you powerful views on your workload. Or choose any Category or Contact in two clicks, favorite categories and contacts in one.

TaskSense. Trog automatically shows and ranks your tasks in the most meaningful order for you, 24 hours/day.

"Process." Quickly classify and schedule so the task or email is off your mind until you need it. Trog shows you when and how many you need to process. Access them in a single click.

Scratch pad. Capture thoughts and tasks instantly. Trog extracts a meaningful title. Save to "process" later, or instantly schedule and classify now.

Learn. Get gentle coaching in effective time management practices, with tips, tricks, and online links to help you take it to the next level.

Link Your Calendar and Task List

Trog Bar with pop-out calendar

Ideally, your task list should be an extension of your calendar because you budget time in both. Trog makes this easy:

  • Connect appointments and tasks. Plan your day by dragging tasks into the pop-out calendar. Trog automatically connects them. Track progress and take notes in your task/project record with a single click.
  • Automatic agendas. Categorize your tasks with a "meeting agenda" category, and Trog builds the agenda automatically as the meeting arrives (or on demand).
  • Balance your life. Budget time for areas of your life in a secondary "strategic calendar" and TaskSense makes intelligent task recommendations automatically, focusing you on what's important now.

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TROG Bar  Version 2010.03.04 AD
For Win XP+, Outlook 2003+

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Get Trog Bar FREE with TRO Online Training

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 (not Outlook Express)
    (Don't have Outlook? Get it free from Microsoft. Click here.)
  • Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Mouse or stylus
  • Internet connection required for some features, such as automatic updates

*Some data is Trog-specific, such as Email Notes. This is not visible in Microsoft Outlook by default, but Outlook can be configured to display it without Trog.