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Features of the Trog Bar

TaskSense™ Smart Task List Technology

Trog manages all the Outlook tasks, emails, memos, and notes that clutter your life in an intelligent, easy-to-access task list. TaskSense constantly watches your tasks, your actions, and your calendars, recommending what you should work on next, so even huge task lists become manageable.

Convenience of a Sidebar, Power of an Application

With a convenient sidebar interface, Trog gives you instant visibility on your tasks without clicking or touching your keyboard. Just move your mouse to the edge of the screen, and the Trog Bar slides out with your most pertinent tasks visible.

On the other hand, The Trog Bar is a full application, not a wimpy gadget. Built on proven time management principles by time management experts, the Trog Bar delivers results. You feel relief, then power, then you wonder how you ever lived without it.

No More Inbox Diving

Overwhelmed by email? Constantly scanning your emails for things that need to be done? The typical Outlook user has hundreds (or thousands) of emails in their inbox clamoring for attention, clogging their communication channel, and wasting valuable time.

Trog Bar Inbox Relief eliminates the mess. Tell Trog how you want to manage your emails, learn a couple of simple habits for "triaging" your emails quickly, and voila! Trog handles the rest. No more scrolling through lists of emails for missed actions. TaskSense brings to your attention what's most important, when it's important, automatically. When you're done with an email, Trog deals with it quickly and intelligently.

Support for Popular Time Management Systems

While designed for the average person, Trog Bar is especially helpful for anyone using popular and emerging time management systems, including:

How does it work? Trog adapts its behavior to your needs after you answer a few simple questions about your system. Custom systems are supported.

Real-Time Outlook Integration

The Trog Bar doesn't use messy imports or synchronization. Instead, it works directly with your Outlook data, like a seamless extension of Outlook itself. Use Trog, Outlook, or both to manage tasks, emails, and your calendar.* And Trog works even when Outlook isn't running. (Some features require or launch Outlook.)

Learn Task & Time Management Skills

The Trog Bar encourages and teaches proven new methods of effective task and time management. As you use Trog, cool tips and tricks appear, unobtrusively helping you accomplish more in less time, with less stress. Plus, "Fifteen Minute Coaches" are available to get you started and help you move to the next level when you are ready.

Other Cool Features

  • Scratchpad to capture new tasks or ideas instantly
  • See TaskSense tasks for any appointment or time slot in two clicks
  • Pop-out daily calendar for easy task/calendar integration
  • Drag and drop tasks into calendar slots
  • Instant search for tasks within any task list
  • Organize tasks by Category, Contact, or both
  • View tasks for any Category or Contact in 2 easy clicks—no scrolling
  • Group tasks in any view with a button click
  • Easy-to-view appointment list
  • Separates "processed" (scheduled and filed) and "unprocessed" tasks
  • Intelligently shows "unprocessed" tasks in lists, even before processing
  • Microsoft Exchange Server compatible (syncs with all Outlook-compatible smart phones, PDAs, and laptops in real time via Direct Push technology)
  • Easy in, easy out. Uninstalls easily with no loss or change to data*
  • Free automatic updates and full support. Even during the trial period.
  • Try it all, free. Free 30 day trial with the full feature set.
  • Just $34.95.
  • Or get it FREE with our complete, life-changing TRO Online Training time management system.
    (Includes Trog Bar software.)
  • Total Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee.

Trog Bar Version 2010.03.04 AD

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 (not Outlook Express)
    (Don't have Outlook? Get it free from Microsoft. Click here.)
  • Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Mouse or stylus
  • Internet connection required for some features, such as Automatic Updates

*Some data is Trog-specific, such as Email Notes. This is not visible in Microsoft Outlook by default, but Outlook can be configured to display it without Trog.