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TROG Quick Start Guide

TROG is the "Total, Relaxed Organization™ Guru," the intuitive Windows sidebar way ahead of its time. Trog gives you smart, fast control over Outlook tasks and email automatically—no messy imports, exports, or synchronization.

Using Trog's Smart Tools and Features

Where is Trog? Trog stays hidden until needed. Just drag your cursor to the edge of the screen and Trog is ready to manage your day. Or click [+] and enable beta features to keep Trog visible always.

Hotkeys. Click [+] to enable beta features and try out Trog's new hotkeys for fast, mouseless task management.

What is that? Pull out the Trog Bar, then hover over any button or field (on your computer) for a detailed description of that feature.

Manage Time & Emails. Click [+] to customize the time management system, color scheme, and more. Enable Inbox Relief by repeating the initial interview; Trog manages and prioritizes emails automatically.

Instant Outlook. Click icons to instantly launch or switch to full Outlook views.

Appointments. See your appointments and "strategic calendar" in one list. Hover to pop out a full day calendar. Schedule linked tasks into the day via drag and drop. Right click to show tasks or automatic agenda for any time or appointment.

Navigate. Effortlessly switch task views: Back, Forward, Now, Prev Appt, Next Appt, and Group.

Focus. Click the long button to access smart task list views designed by time management experts; see tasks for any Category or Contact in two clicks.

Instant search. Trog finds your tasks instantly, as you type.

TaskSense. Automatically ranks your tasks in the most meaningful order for you, 24 hours/day.

"Process." Make quick decisions about the task or email and it's off your mind and out of your way. Trog brings it to the top of your lists at the right time.

Scratch pad. Capture thoughts and tasks instantly. Trog extracts a meaningful title and saves it for "processing" later; or instantly schedule and classify now.

Learn. Trog provides gentle coaching in effective time management practices, with tips, tricks, and online links to help you take it to the next level.

What's the Next Step?

For best results and the full benefits of Trog Bar, try TRO Online Training. Get full, relaxed control of your work. TRO Online puts you in total control of your workload and time—step-by-step, with no nonsense. Then it makes sure you develop effective, long-lasting habits.

Or Try our "15 Minute Coaches"

Our 15 Minute Coaches will help you manage your tasks, set up your Strategic Calendar, or use Trog Bar's Email Relief. Setting up your strategic calendar is highly recommended.

Have a specific question? Check out Trog Bar Support, including FAQs and an online community of Trog Bar users and Total, Relaxed Organization trainees.

System Requirements and Other Technical Details

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 (not Outlook Express)
    (Don't have Outlook? Get it free from Microsoft. Click here.)
  • Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Exchange Server compatible
  • Requires a mouse or stylus
  • Requires an Internet connection for some features, such as automatic updates
  • Installs and uninstalls easily with no loss or modification to data*
  • Uses Microsoft's own MAPI interface to manage Outlook data transparently
  • Continuous upgrades deliver new fixes, features, and beta testing opportunities

*Some data is Trog-specific, such as Email Notes. This is not visible in Microsoft Outlook by default, but Outlook can be configured to display it without Trog.