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Let Tasks Organize Themselves

Download Trog Bar. Free 30 Day Trial.

TROG Bar (Windows, Outlook)

GTD-friendly sidebar, automatic task prioritization, easy email processing. Direct Outlook integration. Click here.


TROG Bar Comments

    • “Excellent task manager, well integrated in Outlook.... Backed up by a solid time management system and training that really changed my personal productivity.”
      schottyd on
    • “My most important app...Trog Bar has become one of those indispensable tools you use all the time, and made even more valuable by implementing the TRO methodology as well.”
    • “I first came across Priacta when I downloaded their Trog Bar. I soon found it to be a small but mighty tool which significantly simplified my GTD implementation within Outlook... If you've struggled with using Outlook for GTD, download the TROG bar and give it a whirl.”
      Craig Kennedy
    • “Yesterday I purchased your Online Training option. I am delighted with the product and have found it, and the TROG Bar, really excellent.”
      David Border, ADAS UK
    • “I LOVE the Trog Bar - it is truly the easiest way to record and organize “mind clutter.””
    • “Let me add myself to the chorus of kudos for Priacta and TRO... The TRO approach along with the TROG Bar makes improved productivity a reality.... And while I am only on day 4 of the 21 day coaching program, I have reached an empty inbox on both my desk and email.”
    • “I recently bought a license of Trog Bar, and find your approach extremely well balanced... I was very happy to find your product and now I'm sticking with it for sure.... I think it would be very good to let the ADHD minds out there know about the existence of your System and Software itself.”
      Patrick Jankun
    • ““TrogBar is FANTASTIC“”
    • “...Trog Bar has earned a permanent place in my productivity tool set. I lean on it heavily and handle a lot more because of it. I'd be lost and buried in emails and tasks without it.”
    • “Makes it easy to manage my tasks.... I'm addicted.... Prioritizes your tasks FOR you and is actually right ... slightly creepy, way cool.”
    • “I am really enjoying the TROG Bar. Wonderfully executed. This tool makes really makes Outlook sing!”
      Bob Ewing, Red Ball Oxygen
    • “So far I am LOVING Trog Bar and the TRO system! Passed the information on to two of my coworkers, and they are going to do it as well...I have seen a vast improvement in my stress level and productivity. Thanks for a great system!”
      Sarah Kirchner
    • “Developed serious case of Mac-only OmniFocus envy at #mindcamp, so hunted down Windows alternative. Evaluating TROG and in love with its Outlook integration and overall amazing usability so far.”
      Dennis E. Hamilton
    • “Thanks to the Trog Bar, things have improved for me more dramatically in the last two weeks than in the past three years.”
      Steve Promisel
    • “Cool!...Trog rocks.”
      Daniel Himel
    • “... my favorite to-do list manager ...”
      Ian "Gizmo" Richards,
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    Total, Relaxed Organization

    Custom Online Training

    Step-by-step, customized for your tools. Relax, clear your desk, do more.

    Buy Now Risk Free

    Struggling with GTD?

    Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) training will put you in control fast.

    Cool Timesaving Tools and Services

    Recommended by Priacta Time Management Coaches

    The right tool at the right time saves hours a day and eliminates a ton of stress. But choosing is a nightmare.

    Save yourself the aggravation. Priacta recommends these tools and services because we've done comparisons, we use them ourselves, and/or our coaches train with them.

    Some of these companies are our patners or affiliates. We choose carefully, because we support and use everything listed here.

    Office Supplies and Hardware at

    Coach-Recommended Office Supplies, Hardware, and More at

    Our aStore contains everythig you need for a great TRO office and training, including hard-to-find office supplies, brilliant scanners, beriefcases, and other items we specifically recommend. Look here for those color plastic project folders we use in TRO training and a lot more.

    Shopping via also saves you a lot of time. Choose online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

    Effortless Syncing (and Other Services)

    Toodledo Task Management Platform

    Toodledo is more than a personal task manager: it is a task-synchonization platform that works with over 100 apps and services. For a great personal workflow that syncs flawlessly and works offline, it's ideal. (For group workflows, talk with a TRO coach. Toodledo isn't a good team solution.)

    Smart, Effortless Outlook Synchronization

    (and Free Outlook 2010, 2013 or Mac Outlook 2011)

    with Hosted Exchange Server and Blackberry Enterprise Server

    (Coaches' note: Manual syncing, sooner or later, always corrupts your data. We've never seen an exception. To avoid that problem you need robust, automatic syncing that pretty much always works. Years ago, that required expensive dedicated servers, but now it's cheap and available for anybody. Here is the solution we like best for individuals and companies alike.)


    Hosted Exchange Server or Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) keeps your tasks, emails, and calendar in sync across all your devices, all the time. No manual syncing required. A good hosted service will include Web access and 24/7 live support for everything. The service almost always includes free Outlook 2010, 2013 or Outlook 2011 (Mac) as well.

    Hosted Exchange is affordable now—around $10/month per person. We use and recommend our partners at 123Together. Rated #1 four years in row, 123Together has superb phone support, easy setup, and all the options you need.


    You don't need a second phone line to receive faxes quickly and easily. With MyFax, you can receive and send faxes no matter where you are. At a reasonable price, you get all the functionality of an office fax machine, plus more. Faxes come straight to your email inbox, eliminating a troublesome collecting point. With prices starting as low as $10 a month, you can't go wrong.

    Social Bookmarking (

    Tag great sites and articles for your own quick reference. Access the list anywhere with an Internet connection. Share your finds with others automatically, and see their recommendations. We recommend for its fast-tagging, low-distraction, no-nonsense environment that even supports inboxes (precede a user's name with "for:" to add a tag to their inbox). Click the icon above to bookmark this page now and see how it works. Marking a page takes only 5-10 seconds once you have a free account.

    (TROers and GTDers: Bookmarks are resources—NOT actionable items. If the bookmark has an associated action, type the action in the Trog Bar scratchpad too.)

    Assembla Development Environment

    As productivity experts, we rely on Assembla for our development work. Assembla's agile ticketing is flexible enough for methods like our Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO) and GTD. Its wiki and email integration keep team communication flowing and searchable. The support is great. And now, Assembla's 100% free SVN repositories make it a no-brainer to get started. Run, don't walk, and check it out.