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Priacta Client Reactions

    • “Priacta has combined the best of the GTD concepts WHILE offering specific tools and strategies to implement those concepts.”
    • “Yesterday I purchased your Online Training option. I am delighted with the product and have found it, and the TROG Bar, really excellent.”
      David Border, ADAS UK
    • “The missing link and strategy I needed to organize my business. Very simple to use.”
      Larry Pacheco, Jr., Owner, Small Business Marketing,
    • “Very detailed follow up.... The structure ensured I followed through and cleared and organized all the decks rather than just enough to feel some momentary relief. Excellent experience overall!”
      Craig Kennedy, Executive Coach, Real Coaching
    • “Things are getting done, I'm not stressing, and I'm enjoying a fab weekend with the family for the first time in months!”
      Shaun Dicker, Manager/Developer,
    • “I love my job, but I was feeling so stressed out that I was feeling a sense of dread about going to work. My stress was carrying over to my family, and my wife wisely intervened by contacting Priacta. I felt confident the TRO system would work because of the professional coach and the step-by-step process.... [Now] I am nearly stress free.... I recommend TRO to anyone whose life seems spiraling out of control. I have tried books, instructional DVDs, and workshops, and none of these worked. TRO delivered as promised.”
      Keith Whitworth, Ph.D.
    • “Thank you! You are literally changing my life!”
      Chris Elam, Artistic Director and Choreographer, Misnomer Dance Theater
    • “You have been great! I am really glad I purchased the additional time.”
      Jordan Beard
    • “I'm 10X more organized and clear headed.... You took me through this shift in my life one step at a time and went beyond what was expected countless times. A true class act.”
      Derek Viveiros, Marketing Coach, Maverick Marketing Systems
    • “The training is really going great and the whole system makes so much sense.... It is really great to know that there is support for the product on the other side of my monitor. Keep it up.”
      Kitt Langkilde
    • “Thank you for helping me re-gain control of my business/personal life.... [In the] 10 days since we started, I am seeing a major increase in productivity and a major decrease in stress! Gracias!”
      Dan Kern
    • “I definitely recommend TRO! I feel much more in control, [and] I am doing more things that I always wanted to do but didn't have the time.... Very useful for working women, [who] have to handle their professional work and a big part of the house chores and kids.... Thanks for your great coaching, support and system!”
      Mar Ruiz, Marketing Mgr, Entrepreneur, Homemaker
    • “I am amazed at end of day that I finished my daily tasks and even have time to do one or two others at times or do some extra processing. Thanks!”
      Julie Urban, Director of Software Development, Symantec, LinkedIn Profile
    • “TRO has completely changed the way I look at my workload. I feel more in control of my tasks than ever before and the productivity boost has given my business a new outlook. I highly recommend TRO training to anyone looking to bring organization to not just work but life as a whole. Thank you!”
      Tony Liddic, Fire Sprinkler System Designer, MRH Sprinkler Design
    • “[TRO Online Training] changed the way I work, and almost three months later, I'm still using the techniques that I learned. The course is based on Getting Things Done.... Well organized and clearly written....”
      Debra Dalgleish, 10 Hours to an Organized Office, Contextures blog.
    • “Great system! First practical TM [time management] system I've come across that really works, addresses all the nitty-gritty real life situations AND takes you by the hand to have the new behavior stick!”
      Andrew Solomon, COO, SQL Integrator Consulting
    • “... a solid time management system and training that really changed my personal productivity.”
      schottyd on
    • “Terrific program. Am 100% satisfied with my investment. ... Having a well-conceived, practical system for managing it all has made a huge difference in my life.”
      Mitchell Kick, Vice President, SAP
    • “Great training! ... Wonderful system that is really working for me. I feel more in control of my tasks and confident that I won't let any 'little thing' slip.”
      Emily Martis, Design Engineer
    • “I have never felt so in control of my tasks. TRO is the best investment you could make for your business and your personal sanity”
      Donna Rominiecki
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    Rapid Change, Easy Adoption

    Unleash Any Team, Any Technology

    Whether you need a technology upgrade, better collaboration, or streamlined business processes, our coaches have the experience and expertise to help you make quick, painless improvements that show on your bottom line.

    You want employees who love building a focused, profitable business. Your teams want a low-stress environment where they can meet and exceed goals. With Priacta's expert coachesm, analysts and employee time management software, that team is closer than you think. We find key areas of opportunity, small technology or process changes which make your teams more productive while improving their satisfaction. They won't even realize how much they're changing.

    What Is Workflow Analysis and Design?

    Workflow Design is a fast-track productivity upgrade & improving work productivity of your team. Your current software, systems, challenges, and goals drive our analysis process. We interview your key stakeholders, gathering their individual perspectives. Then we model your team's workflow processes, identifying the smallest possible changes impacting multiple areas at once for the fastest, biggest personal productivity gains. The goal: permanently reduce stress and improve output within days, so your team becomes happier and more productive as quickly as possible.

    How "Designed Workflow" Helps Your Team

    Change doesn't have to be hard. Every team's potential is limited by "sticking points," factors that slow you down, increase complexity, or frustrate your goals. We find the underlying causes of the pain you feel, then we develop the simplest plan for unleashing dramatic gains with the least possible effort.

    We ask the crucial questions. Because our interviews are strictly confidential—not even the managers hear our conversations—your team opens up to share their insights, frustrations, and experiences in constructive and honest ways. Team interviews build a composite picture of the sticking points in your team processes. From there, we compare your team's processes and bottlenecks to find the key issues that limit your performance. Then we create a hassle-free adoption plan that sticks.

    Creative Redesign, Smart Change

    "The difference between the right [solution] and almost the right [solution] is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." —Mark Twain

    Most businesses resort to brute force efforts when they try to change. But pressure, awards, meetings, and numbers are rarely the answer. Pressure says, "You are the problem, and you need fixing." Pressure discounts the team's strengths and successes, and it jeopardizes the team's positive behaviors.

    Instead, the "right" solution is targeted, simple, and tailored to your exact need. The "right" solution is always minimal, understandable, and natural, so you eliminate constraints without slowing down. The "right" solution centers around processes, which don't mind being changed (even though they often appear like people problems). The "right" solution is a relief, not a burden, and it produces results quickly.

    The First Step Is Easy (and Free)

    Call for a Free Consultation

    All you need to do is call a coach now for a free 15-20 minute consultation. You get our best thinking for free, we'll let you know if and where we see opportunities for improvement. Armed with those insights, you can decide if Workflow Analysis and Design might be just what you need.