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What They Are Saying

    • “I want to congratulate you and whoever else developed TRO for a superb work; it’s very impressive, extremely practical and all details are very well thought out! Great work!”
      Mar Ruiz, Marketing Mgr & Entrepreneur
    • “Thank you for helping me re-gain control of my business/personal life.... [In the] 10 days since we started, I am seeing a major increase in productivity and a major decrease in stress! Gracias!”
      Dan Kern
    • “I am loving it! All the little things I knew about organization now make sense.”
      Kathleen Rhodes, Perfectly Connected
    • “[TRO Online Training] changed the way I work, and almost three months later, I'm still using the techniques that I learned. The course is based on Getting Things Done.... Well organized and clearly written....”
      Debra Dalgleish, 10 Hours to an Organized Office, Contextures blog.
    • “It feels wonderful to enter my office and see a desk that is organized and free of clutter, and to have a system that tells me what I should be working on next so I don't have to think about it. My stress levels have vastly improved over a couple of weeks ago!”
      Christer Hokanson, Health Eternal
    • “The missing link and strategy I needed to organize my business. Very simple to use.”
      Larry Pacheco, Jr., Owner, Small Business Marketing,
    • “I'm 10X more organized and clear headed.... You took me through this shift in my life one step at a time and went beyond what was expected countless times. A true class act.”
      Derek Viveiros, Marketing Coach, Maverick Marketing Systems
    • “TRO has completely changed the way I look at my workload. I feel more in control of my tasks than ever before and the productivity boost has given my business a new outlook. I highly recommend TRO training to anyone looking to bring organization to not just work but life as a whole. Thank you!”
      Tony Liddic, Fire Sprinkler System Designer, MRH Sprinkler Design
    • “You have been great! I am really glad I purchased the additional time.”
      Jordan Beard
    • “The training is really going great and the whole system makes so much sense.... It is really great to know that there is support for the product on the other side of my monitor. Keep it up.”
      Kitt Langkilde
    • “I have never felt so in control of my tasks. TRO is the best investment you could make for your business and your personal sanity”
      Donna Rominiecki
    • “I absolutely eat this stuff up! Since I use a Blackberry and Outlook, I was thrilled to see that [you] offer customized training based on those tools.... It’s an amazing approach to gaining organization skills. Thank you! Thank you!”
      Debi Gilmore, Director, Mentors International
    • “Thank you again for all your great coaching.... I have about 550 tasks [and] I am in control of them.... This is the first time in my career that my office has been so focused and clean. I could actually work in a much smaller office now! Don't tell my boss. What you do makes a huge difference in the lives of those you help.”
      Jordan McCollum, VP, Major Multinational Corporation
    • “Terrific program. Am 100% satisfied with my investment. ... Having a well-conceived, practical system for managing it all has made a huge difference in my life.”
      Mitchell Kick, Vice President, SAP
    • “Thank you for the training course. I’ve been using a half-hearted implementation of GTD for over a year.... [After] the training course for TRO ... I have much more faith in my system. Thanks for helping me get organised!”
      Kate Hudson, Freelance Web Designer/Developer, Owner,
    • “A remarkably comprehensive time management approach. Priacta's coaching is very effective, and they aren't satisfied until the client is. I'm sure we will enjoy the benefits of TRO training for years to come.”
      Roy Lambertson, Manager, More Than Moving for Seniors
    • “I definitely recommend TRO! I feel much more in control, [and] I am doing more things that I always wanted to do but didn't have the time.... Very useful for working women, [who] have to handle their professional work and a big part of the house chores and kids.... Thanks for your great coaching, support and system!”
      Mar Ruiz, Marketing Mgr, Entrepreneur, Homemaker
    • “You immediately get productive.... TRO can be described as GTD on steroids combined with a step by step plan for implementing [the] system....”
      Eric Eckberg, Solo Developer and GTD Enthusiast
    • “Things are getting done, I'm not stressing, and I'm enjoying a fab weekend with the family for the first time in months!”
      Shaun Dicker, Manager/Developer,
    • “After [TRO Online Training] I got more done at work in the next several days than I would expect to get done in a few weeks.”
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    Training That Changes Lives

    Cuts Stress by 60%, Gives 600 More Hrs/Year

    21 days after training, TRO trainees report, on average*:

    Near "absolute control" of time and tasks (91% and rising),
    An extra 1.6 hours/day of productive time, and
    Stress reduced by 60% from all sources of stress combined.

    That's nearly 600 extra productive hours per year for as little as 13 cents per hour.

    How It's Measured

    The graph above is updated hourly for all TRO trainees. Each day for 21 days after training we ask:

    “How in control of your time and tasks do you feel right now?”
    (0 = No Control, 100 = Absolute Control)

    This answer is their "control score"—a powerfully simple measure of stress reduction, productivity, and workload control, all in one. How would you answer that question right now? How in control of your time and tasks do you feel?

    Starting Control Scores

    Before starting TRO training, the average starting control score is 44%.

    The Change with TRO Training

    On average, by the end of initial training, a trainee's control score has improved 46%.

    Then as we follow up for 21 working days, the average score continues to improve, with a total average improvement of 106%.

    In the final three days of follow up (days 18 through 21), the average control score jumps 2.5 points. That's an additional increase of 5.7% over the base score as the last piles are eliminated and new skills become second-nature.

    How Long Does the Change Last?

    Subjective data confirms that the benefits "stick," though no formal tracking is currently performed beyond the 21 days. We receive "thank yous" and testimonials from trainees many months after training. Not only does TRO show you how to anchor good habits, but it teaches you in a relaxing way. The training is self-reinforcing and easily maintained. "Relapses" are no big deal—recovery is easy—because the new basic habits and perspectives remain in place.

    Get Started Now

    If you have time to train yourself, dive into our online self-training system. If you're a busy executive or professional, a Priacta coach is probably more cost-effective due to the value of your time. Click below or call 1-888-PRIACTA or email a coach for expert advice. Your initial consultation is free.

    *Additional productive hours and stress reduction are averages of all trainee reports since February 2009, when Priacta started tracking these figures.