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TROG™ Bar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recent or Common Questions


Auto Update and Beta Testing

Compatibility and Comparison

Other Technical Questions


Recent or Common Questions

"Download Archive/File is Corrupt" installing Trog Bar.

This is caused by a damaged download file, a Windows Installer bug, or some other system problem. To resolve it, follow the easy instructions in this support forum discussion.

Outlook or Windows runs slowly.

This is almost always due to one or both of the following:

  • Misconfiguration of Trog Bar. Not only does Outlook get slow, but you may also see thousands of Unprocessed Tasks. See I have 10,000 Unprocessed Tasks! to correct your setup.
  • If you have Outlook 2007, you need Office Service Pack 2. This is an important update which eliminates slowness in Outlook 2007 PST/OST data files. Since Trog does a lot of indexing, the Outlook data file problem may not be apparent until Trog is installed. Visit Office 2007 Performance Issues for the solution.

I have 10,000 Unprocessed Tasks!

If you see a huge number of unprocessed tasks, you probably have email relief misconfigured. It's tempting to tell Trog that every email folder has actionable emails, but that's not right. Most of your emails are probably reference items or someday/maybe read and review messages that shouldn't be in your task list.

To fix this, limit your "actionable email" folders to one Action folder, and make sure email relief is configured wisely. Here is the recommended approach:

  • Create an [Action] folder in your Outlook Mailbox (Exchange Server) or Personal Folders (non-Exchange).
  • Click [+] near the upper right corner of Trog Bar to see the Options panel, then click Other, Repeat Initial Interview.
  • Select "TRO" as your time management system (recommended).
  • If you HAVE a smartphone on which you need to see your tasks, or if you do NOT want to manage emails as tasks, you should NOT let Trog manage your emails. (Your smartphone does not know what to do with the email tasks.) Select "No" when asked "Would you like Trog to help you manage yur Outlook emails?" You are done.
  • If you DO want Trog to manage emails as tasks and do NOT use a smartphone, select "Yes" and follow the remaining steps.
  • On the next page, select the [Action] folder. No other folders should be selected!
  • On the next page, select "All emails in the folders I selected."
  • On the next page, choose either "Mark as read and set the completed flag" or "Move it to my Deleted folder".

Next, click "Select Profile and Folder Options" on the Trog Options screen and examine the meanings assigned to your folders. You probably have your Inbox and archived emails designated Emails to Do. Only use the [Action] folder (or equivalent) as a source of actionable emails!

See the 15-minute coach to understand why and how this setup works best.

Should I enable Beta or Preview features?

We recommend enabling beta features immediately. We recommend peeking at the preview features to give us your feedback, then disable them until they get moved to beta. Preview features are pre-beta and subject to change and even instability.

Trog pops out when I don't want to see it.

You have several options that adjust Trog's behavior. Go to the Options screen by clicking [+] near the upper right corner and try one or more of these:

  • (Recommended) Uncheck "Hover Select Tasks for Popout". This give a smoother behavior for most people.
  • Increase "Milliseconds to delay popouts." (400 might be a good number.)
  • Consider moving the bar to the other side of the screen. ("Show on which side?")
  • If you have a lot of screen space, you can make Trog a permanent fixture by unchecking "Auto Hide the Trog Bar."


Can I Install Trog Bar on More than One Computer?

Yes. Your Trog Bar registration key allows installation on two computers you use personally. See here for details and tips.

Where is my registration key?

Trog Bar Purchase: Your registration key is delivered immediately when you place your order.

TRO Training/Coaching Purchase: A free Trog Bar registration is issued to you only if you use Trog Bar with Outlook as your task list training tool. (If you never select Trog Bar with Outlook as your TRO task list tool, no Trog Bar registration is needed, so it isn't sent.) Hint: You can change tools to Trog Bar and then change back to another tool as long as you haven't decided to start your 21-day follow-up.

Registration keys are sent via email immediately when you qualify. If the email doesn't show up within 10 minutes, check your Junk Mail folder. The key appears as hundreds of numbers and letters, with an auto-registration hyperlink.

Once the key is issued, you can log in to the Priacta store to retrieve your Trog Bar key anytime. Select My Account (top) > Trog Bar Keys (left) to resend or copy and paste it.

If you still can't find it, drop us a line and we'll get you sorted out.

Auto Update and Beta Testing

How do I get new features and bug fixes?

Priacta uses a proprietary "continuous update" approach for agile software development. This means you'll see our software improve and evolve gradually with each new update. New fixes and features will be automatically sent to you as they are released.

What about beta testing? Can I beta test?

Beta testing and alpha testing are an important part of our "continuous update" development approach. New updates can include locked features and changes that only our alpha testers can use. "Public beta" features may also be present and visible to anyone. By making these features available early to the general public, people get the benefits of the software and we get the benefit of testing on a wide range of machines.

Trog Bar makes beta software available on a feature-by-feature basis rather than releasing a complete beta upgrade. This allows a continuous upgrade cycle, so you get bug fixes and the latest features constantly rather than waiting for an annual, major release. When beta features are released, only the feature itself is beta code. The remainder of the program runs in release mode.

You are given the opportunity to opt in on beta features when you try to access one of them. If you opt in, you may opt out at any time on the Options screen.

What happens when the beta testing period is over?

Beta features are provided on a time-limited basis and may be tested by anyone. As soon as beta testing is over, the feature or fix is released to the general public. Current Premium Registration may be required to continue using advanced features once they are released. However, even if you do not have Premium Registration, you will still be able to access all data you entered while beta testing the feature. Only the entry of new data will be restricted for the feature. Beta features and software are provided on a limited, trial basis for testing purposes only and may contain errors. You should exercise caution when testing beta features.

Compatibility and Comparison

I don't have Outlook. Can I get it free?

Yes, if you sign up for a hosted (cloud) Exchange Server account, the latest version of Outlook comes free with that service. For Outlook users, we strongly recommend hosted Exchange because it makes syncing effortless and bullet-proof on your smart phone. Click here for information.

What's the difference between Trog Bar and Outlook?

Trog Bar does not replace Outlook, it supplements it, so you also need Microsoft Outlook if you are going to use Trog Bar. You manage the same emails, tasks, and appointments in Trog Bar as you do in Outlook, without synchronization. .

Outlook is email-oriented with an added calendar and task list. It lets you manage your emails, time, and tasks. It has tons of fancy features can actually distract you, using up a lot of time, mouse clicks, and keystrokes as you fiddle with views and lists instead of focusing you on getting more work done.

Trog Bar is workload-oriented and unifies your approach to emails, tasks, and appointments. Trog Bar has smarts to help manage your workload for you instead of managing it all yourself. Intelligent task lists keep things out of your face and off your mind until the right time. It helps you focus on  getting work done in less time with less stress. Trog's smart task views were designed by time and task management experts. Gentle coaching and passive training encourage the effective time management practices of Total, Relaxed Organization by Priacta. (When you need advanced Outlook features, Trog provides quick shortcuts to take you to them.)

Is Trog Bar Exchange Server compatible?

Yes. We recommend Exchange Server and use it ourselves. Note: Trog Bar requires Outlook to run in Cached Exchange mode if Exchange Server is being used. If Trog finds Outlook running in uncached mode, it will recommend cached mode and make the change for you automatically (if you approve). You'll love the difference. Outlook is generally faster and more reliable in Cached mode, and you have full access to your tasks and emails even when you don't have an Internet connection.

Other Technical Questions

Is my data safe with Trog?

If you're using any software on any computer, your data is always at risk. Hard drives fail, viruses abound, nothing is guaranteed in the digital world. So always back up and/or rely on a cloud-based service like Exchange Server. Click here for low-stress, low-cost backup solutions recommended by Priacta.

Trog Bar uses the Microsoft Outlook MAPI database to manage your tasks, emails and contacts. MAPI access is supported and used by Microsoft, so your data is roughly as safe as any Outlook data ever is.

Priacta goes to great lengths to prevent damage to anyone's data. Trog Bar is designed to be trivial to install and uninstall, with no sweeping changes or information loss.

Are there any limits to the database size?

Outlook 2003 has known reliability issues with its .PST files once they start exceeding 1.5 GB in size. Trog Bar depends on the Outlook database, so upgrade to Outlook 2010 (recommended) or archive old data to separate Outlook archives.

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