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TRO Technical Support

You're making the investment to get full control of your time and tasks. Don't let a technical problem bring you to a standstill. Our experts and technicians can't wait to help!

Remote Tech Support Options

  • Phone

    When your work is already interrupted, phone support is usually best. Your coach/technician will ask questions and get the process started while you are still on the phone. Click here for the number to call.

  • Email

    Get started by email while you do other things. This is great for non-time-critical questions. Fire off the details and a coach/technician will call you back. Visit this page to submit a question now.

  • Support Forum

    Post your TRO-related technical issues (Outlook behavior, smartphone support of TRO, etc.) to the Support Forum for help from other TROers and our technicians. Your question and answer will help everybody else.

Disclaimer re: Technical Issues

There is a lot of computer hardware and software in the world. Priacta has identified tools and systems that work most reliably in our experience, and we recommend and support them regularly. Unfortunately, not every problem has a quick or happy solution and some problems cannot be resolved. This means Priacta cannot guarantee a solution to every possible support issue. We reserve the right to decline to support any system or situation for any reason at any time. However, we will tell you all the issues, tradeoffs, limitations, answers, or problems we discover as we research your needs, and we'll recommend a best course of action. Priacta technicians are hired by the hour.