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Total, Relaxed Organization

What is TRO?

Get relaxed control of your time and tasks in 1 day. Long-lasting habits.

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Time Management Coaching

Total, Relaxed Organization

Feel relief in an hour. New, easy habits. Get relaxed control of your work. On-site, remote, or online training.



TRO Training Really Works


Client Testimonials...

    • “You immediately get productive.... TRO can be described as GTD on steroids combined with a step by step plan for implementing [the] system....”
      Eric Eckberg, Solo Developer and GTD Enthusiast
    • “Thank you again for all your great coaching.... I have about 550 tasks [and] I am in control of them.... This is the first time in my career that my office has been so focused and clean. I could actually work in a much smaller office now! Don't tell my boss. What you do makes a huge difference in the lives of those you help.”
      Jordan McCollum, VP, Major Multinational Corporation
    • “Great system! First practical TM [time management] system I've come across that really works, addresses all the nitty-gritty real life situations AND takes you by the hand to have the new behavior stick!”
      Andrew Solomon, COO, SQL Integrator Consulting
    • “I want to congratulate you and whoever else developed TRO for a superb work; it’s very impressive, extremely practical and all details are very well thought out! Great work!”
      Mar Ruiz, Marketing Mgr & Entrepreneur
    • “A remarkably comprehensive time management approach. Priacta's coaching is very effective, and they aren't satisfied until the client is. I'm sure we will enjoy the benefits of TRO training for years to come.”
      Roy Lambertson, Manager, More Than Moving for Seniors
    • “Thank you for helping me re-gain control of my business/personal life.... [In the] 10 days since we started, I am seeing a major increase in productivity and a major decrease in stress! Gracias!”
      Dan Kern
    • “... a total system you can depend on and trust.... Thanks for giving me the help and encouragement to 'get things done' in a highly organized system.”
      Bill Dabney, Orthodontist
    • “Developed serious case of Mac-only OmniFocus envy at #mindcamp, so hunted down Windows alternative. Evaluating TROG and in love with its Outlook integration and overall amazing usability so far.”
      Dennis E. Hamilton
    • “Yesterday I purchased your Online Training option. I am delighted with the product and have found it, and the TROG Bar, really excellent.”
      David Border, ADAS UK
    • “It feels wonderful to enter my office and see a desk that is organized and free of clutter, and to have a system that tells me what I should be working on next so I don't have to think about it. My stress levels have vastly improved over a couple of weeks ago!”
      Christer Hokanson, Health Eternal
    • “I am loving it! All the little things I knew about organization now make sense.”
      Kathleen Rhodes, Perfectly Connected
    • “I first came across Priacta when I downloaded their Trog Bar. I soon found it to be a small but mighty tool which significantly simplified my GTD implementation.... I later signed up for the self-directed coaching option.... I've since signed two of my staff up for the Premium Remote Training and they are benefitting considerably from it.”
      Craig Kennedy
    • “I definitely recommend TRO! I feel much more in control, [and] I am doing more things that I always wanted to do but didn't have the time.... Very useful for working women, [who] have to handle their professional work and a big part of the house chores and kids.... Thanks for your great coaching, support and system!”
      Mar Ruiz, Marketing Mgr, Entrepreneur, Homemaker
    • “Very detailed follow up.... The structure ensured I followed through and cleared and organized all the decks rather than just enough to feel some momentary relief. Excellent experience overall!”
      Craig Kennedy, Executive Coach, Real Coaching
    • “Makes it easy to manage my tasks.... I'm addicted.... Prioritizes your tasks FOR you and is actually right ... slightly creepy, way cool.”
    • “... a solid time management system and training that really changed my personal productivity.”
      schottyd on
    • “[TRO Online Training] changed the way I work, and almost three months later, I'm still using the techniques that I learned. The course is based on Getting Things Done.... Well organized and clearly written....”
      Debra Dalgleish, 10 Hours to an Organized Office, Contextures blog.
    • “I love my job, but I was feeling so stressed out that I was feeling a sense of dread about going to work. My stress was carrying over to my family, and my wife wisely intervened by contacting Priacta. I felt confident the TRO system would work because of the professional coach and the step-by-step process.... [Now] I am nearly stress free.... I recommend TRO to anyone whose life seems spiraling out of control. I have tried books, instructional DVDs, and workshops, and none of these worked. TRO delivered as promised.”
      Keith Whitworth, Ph.D.
    • “I recently bought a license of Trog Bar, and find your approach extremely well balanced... I was very happy to find your product and now I'm sticking with it for sure.... I think it would be very good to let the ADHD minds out there know about the existence of your System and Software itself.”
      Patrick Jankun
    • “I absolutely eat this stuff up! Since I use a Blackberry and Outlook, I was thrilled to see that [you] offer customized training based on those tools.... It’s an amazing approach to gaining organization skills. Thank you! Thank you!”
      Debi Gilmore, Director, Mentors International

    Become a Priacta Strategic Partner

    True Win/Win Partnership

    Priacta's Strategic Partner Program makes TRO training and coaching profitable and easy for you. We're here to make sure you and your clients succeed.

    For Business Coaches, Life Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants

    Here's how our strategic partner program helps you and your clients:

    • Gives your clients time and focus they need to implement your advice. (Typical results.)
    • Builds their trust in you and your recommendations, so they want more from you.
    • Helps you build a solid pipeline of new clients.
    • Gives you additional services you can offer to them, before and during your coaching and training.
    • Supports you fully in delivering TRO training and coaching to your people.*
    • Excellent margins for coaching or training you provide as a Certified TRO Coach/Trainer.*
    • You keep 100% margin on your own services, as you upsell your new clients.

    Client Time and Focus

    Most clients struggle to make recommended changes because of overwhelm—lack of time, too much stress. TRO is proven to give them that time (600 hours/year on average), so they succeed in following your advice.


    Because you helped them make this life-changing transformation, they trust your recommendations, and it's easy to take them to the next level and beyond (via your other, ongoing services).

    New Client Pipeline, Offer More Services

    Where do your clients come from? It's a struggle for most business/life coaches/trainers and consultants to build their pipelines and offer a complete range of services. You can recommend TRO first, while developing your relationship with them, OR later if they struggle to implement your advice.

    You will appear in our TRO provider directory online (coming soon), with your specialties/niches, client reviews, and LinkedIn/site links. The system will encourage clients to provide LinkedIn and social media recommendations for you. All of these help you find and build your pipeline of new clients.

    *Deep Support, Great Profit Margins

    *Optional but especially powerful. if you choose, become a Certified TRO Coach. Priacta gives you all the tools, systems, training, and support you need for TRO coaching/training success within your areas of specialty, regions, or niches.

    As a certified TRO coach you'll have inside access to the TRO Online Training System where you can supervise, interact with, and support your trainees and even recruit new clients. The system automatically handles 21-day follow-up for you. We also share other tools and training used by Priacta coaches to help you and them get the excellent results enjoyed by TRO trainees worldwide.

    More Information

    Drop us a line if you think this might be a match. We'll ask a few questions and send you more information so you can decide if this is what you and your clients need.

    Call 1-888-PRIACTA (1-925-587-5067 outside the US/Canada), or drop us a quick note.